ASC Industries (Alloy Sling Chain)

Coming into our 50th year in the business, ASC Industries is a leader in the material handling and rigging industry. Headquartered in E. Hazel Crest, IL just outside of Chicago, ASC provides rigging products and services to companies across the nation.

ASC Industries has over 120,000 square feet of inventory space in its E. Hazel Crest Facility. The company has over 3000 tons of general purpose Wire Rope Works™ and Bridon American™ wire rope and Python™ high performance rope. In addition to this, ASC is a leading distributor of the following product lines: Van Beest™ rigging hardware, Slingmax™ slings, Campbell™ chain and fittings, AMH™ round slings and hoists. ASC also manufactures its own line of custom lifting devices, from spreader bars to coil lifters.

In addition to its full line of products, ASC offers a wide range of client services. ASC has a team of qualified inspectors who provide on-site inspection and testing services. ASC also repairs a wide variety of products including: hoists, chain, wire mesh, synthetics, Slingmax™ products, wire rope, hydraulics, blocks and customized fabrications. The company also has the capability of recertifying products that have already been used in the field. On larger contract accounts, ASC also offers the option of vendor managed inventory.