As a veteran owned leading local lawn care company, Lawn Doctor of Northeast San Antonio and New Braunfels-Cibolo knows that a thick, healthy lawn is the best way to fight off diseases, weeds, insects and other issues. But sometimes, you simply don’t have the time to give your lawn the care and attention it needs. When this happens, turn to our team of experts. 

Our services start with a free evaluation of your lawn. We’ll assess its overall health and look for problems that are impacting it. Our technicians also understand how local weather, rain, soil quality, and other area-specific conditions could be affecting your lawn. Based on these findings, we’ll tailor our services to the exact needs of your yard – cultivating health and vitality in your lawn and throughout your landscape.

Whether your lawn needs our ongoing regular care service, like fertilization and weed control, or a special service, our lawn care company can deliver. Our special services range from pest management to pH balancing, core aerating, and more. If you’re interested in a greener approach to lawn care challenges, our natural solutions can work for you, too.

Regardless of your lawn care needs, our guarantee stands behind every service.