Luscombe Aircraft Corporation

  • Chautauqua County Jamestown Airport, Airport Drive, Jamestown, NY, USA

About Us:


Built from the ground up as a Light Sport aircraft to ASTM Light Sport standards, the LSA-8 is unique in this category as an all-metal, "real" airplane originally  designed and still constructed to USA CAR 4a standard airworthiness requirements. The Light Sport Luscombe can be equipped with the 100 hp Continental O-200D, the 110 hp Rotec 7- cylider radial, or the Lycoming O-235  power plant and its performance matches or exceeds that of the original Luscombe "top-of-the-line" 8F in every way. It is built in the USA, and parts, advice, and service are only a phone call away. Special editions, including a radial engine version, are also available.


The LSA-8 has time-proven low maintenance requirements; thousands of aircraft mechanics are familiar with it, and parts are readily available from the factory and other suppliers. With thousands of the originals still flying after 50 years or more of service, its durability cannot be questioned. And most of all, it is one of the best flying, fun aircraft ever designed. You can't go wrong with the Light Sport Luscombe.