Alpine Remediation, Inc

Alpine Remediation, Inc is a woman owned, small business that has been in operation since 2009 and is based out of Golden, CO.  Alpine offers a full suite of environmental drilling and remediation services, providing direct push drilling, auger drilling, and remediation services not only in CO but nationwide.  Our staff are some of the best in the business with extensive and diverse experience. Alpine takes pride in the fact that 86% of our employees have been working with us for over 6 years and 50+% of its employees have been with the company since it began.  Alpine is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our goal at Alpine is simple: extraordinary product quality and customer service. We accomplish this by observing a common set of values and by partnering with organizations that have the finest reputation for quality. There are no shortcuts; we believe that our goals are accomplished only with a real commitment from every employee.

Alpine’s values and beliefs require that we:

  • Treat employees and colleagues with respect; Alpine Remediation Inc does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.
  • Encourage all managers and supervisors to involve employees in creative problem solving.
  • Provide consistent leadership and competent on-the-job training.
  • Maintain an open-door policy that encourages interaction and discussion; encourage ideas to improve the workplace and increase productivity.
  • Provide effective and efficient corrective action to resolve customer service issues and ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • Deliver competitive, outstanding service to our customers and partner with vendors who share that goal.
  • Make "Do It Right the First Time" our team attitude to ensure continued growth and prosperity.