Tropical Smoothie Cafe

At Tropical Smoothie Café, we inspire a healthier lifestyle by serving amazing food and smoothies with a bit of tropical fun! Our Crew Members are key to delivering on this promise. If you are Smart, have Integrity, Drive, and Enthusiasm, you would be a great Tropical Smoothie Café Crew Member.

The philosophy of our company is to be an outstanding café for our team members to work. To achieve this goal, we must provide service to the public through the cooperation and understanding of all those who make up team. We realize that the public will only be attracted to an organization that is at peace with itself. Our customers are our neighbors, who come back week after week because we do everything we can to satisfy their needs. So, too, the management of Tropical Smoothie Cafe hopes to satisfy the needs of our team members. The daily contact between team members, management, the public, and each other, shapes the kind of business we have.