Penhall Technologies

At Penhall Technologies, a division of Penhall Company, we specialize in concrete scanning, private utility locating, digital x-ray imaging, and fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) for structural reinforcement. With over 25 years of experience, we have a team of expertly trained employees and continually invest in specialty technologies.

With 41 locations in 18 states and Canada, Penhall Company is the largest provider of concrete scanning, cutting, breaking/removal, excavation and highway grinding services in the United States. We employ over 1,300 professionals who are dedicated to meeting the growing demands of our customers and the fast-moving environment of concrete construction.

Our team members embrace challenges, share a passion for our company’s success, and maintain one of the best safety records in the industry. Penhall’s team has pride in what we do because we do it well.