Global Security Group Corp.

There are several events in each person’s life, which create a lasting impression on him or her. However, no one will likely forget where he or she was or what they were doing on the morning of September 11, 2001. This was a day that changed the security industry in the United States and throughout the World. Security as we once knew it began to rapidly change and will continue to change to ensure the safety of our nation.

Concerns about safety and security escalate daily. For today’s corporations and businesses this is a challenging thing to deal with. Corporations and businesses not only have to be concerned about people but also of buildings, equipment, competitive information and research. Properly dealing with these concerns can be a strain on any corporations or businesses budget. Not hiring the right security provider can prove costlier in the long run.

Global Security Group’s response to the horrific acts on our nation and lack of properly trained security professionals have been the ensuring that all security officers employed by our firm are the best qualified for each job. Once one is selected to work for Global Security Group, we will provide all training to our security officers. If a Security Officer has the state required security course he or she must complete and pass Global Security Group’s rigorous security course before being placed at any site. Global Security Group is owned and operated by retired and active state and federal law enforcement officers who have the experience and knowledge to train our security officers properly. Our officers are not only trained to be a deterrent but to be a source of information for our clients and our client’s guests.

Global Security Group is committed to enhancing the safety, security and success of every client. We work closely with our clients being flexible, proactive and expansive to meet the security goal. Global Security Group is not only the answer for your initial security problems but also the solution to prevent any future security exposures. Global Security Group is committed to proactively working with each client, identifying security problems, solving the problem and implementing a security solution to avoid future attacks.