BRE - Behavioral Response Evaluation

The BRE Program provides medical offices with a proven system to identify, treat and refer those patients that are suffering from issues related to their overall mental/behavioral health.

Typical jobs with BRE Program will vary across the United States, but include:

-Clinical Case Manager positions (PART TIME only) ~20-25 hours per week, with typical responsibilities such as:

  • Administration of assessments to patients primarily onsite (within pain management doctor's offices)
  • Assistance with documenting chart notes and using office Electronic Medical Health Records (EMR or EHR) System
  • Maintaining open lines of communication with this program as well as other medical in-office staff: including front desk, mid-levels & providers
  • Interaction with patients including education about the service(s) mostly in person, and some work via phone (must be comfortable speaking on the phone)

Reach out to us directly with our newest job openings!