Contractors Risk Management

Trusted by over 500 firms across the United States, CRM, Inc. provides our clients with the tools to develop an airtight culture of safety that serves to protect employees, prevent unnecessary downtime, improve the bottom line and build a strong reputation.

Our safety advisory team is made up of 28 members with nearly 500 years of combined experience across industries and fields within workplace safety. We treat each of our clients as individual cases – we’ll get to know your specific industry, help you define and reach your goals, and act as an advisor and safety consultant on an ongoing basis to help you continue to prioritize your safety culture and earn persistent buy-in from the team.

Rules and regulations around workplace safety are in constant flux. And we understand how complicated it can be to know if you have the correct standards in place, or which forms to send to the auditor – let alone more comprehensive efforts like providing trainings and conducting preventative maintenance. CRM has the tools and experience to guide you through any and all requirements facing your organization – and put you in control of your workplace safety.

We offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • Site inspections, including large construction
  • Workforce safety training and safety activity reports
  • Industrial hygiene reviews
  • Workman’s compensation review
  • DOT trainings
  • OSHA adherence
  • Self-insurance OCIP, CCIP and wrap-up
  • Expert witness
  • Risk improvement
  • Employee placement