DataLocker is a world leader in encryption solutions. With over 35 patents, our technology is at the heart of almost every encrypted hardware and software solution in the market. Our award-winning product line includes everything from encrypted hardware and cloud storage to remote device management. We’re proud to be used by two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies as well as by security and military agencies at the highest levels of the Federal Government. Our products combine convenience with usability and state-of-the-art security to give users a “Simply Secure” experience.

Our Values

It’s About Relationships, Not Just Transactions
We believe that the interactions we have with our co-workers, partners, and even clients should elevate our relationships.

We Do More With Less
We find it both challenging and rewarding to embrace resourceful methods and perspectives in everything we do.

We’re Not Afraid to Punch Above our Weight
No matter how big the challenge or how often we’re told “you shouldn’t be able to accomplish ______” we’re not afraid to rise to the challenge at hand, whatever that might be!

We’re Always Willing to Pitch In
We fully believe that success is something that is accomplished together (even if it sometimes includes activities that are “outside of your job description”).

The Fast Lane for Opportunity Is Always Open
If you have the drive to pursue excellence for both yourself and the company, we’re committed to always keeping an opportunity open for you to keep growing and advancing.

We Have Fun, Work Hard, Play hard
We’re all-in when it comes to working hard, but we’re also all-in when it comes time to rest and celebrate.