S.R.Prickney LLC



Since 2014, All Dry Services has been dedicated to helping homeowners and business owners who are dealing with the aftermath of disasters. We care about your property and our goal is to leave your home better than we found it — and even better than its original condition.

Jul 21, 2022
Full time
S.R.Prickney LLC Pensacola, FL, USA
* This company is owned and operated by recently retired veterans. Manage crew and manage all assigned jobs from start to completion. This position needs to be able to provide All Dry level customer service including but not limited to: going over the job scope with home owner, explaining the reasons why we are doing what we are doing, going over time table with home owner, etc. Including all tasks needed to write, monitor and complete all jobs within our current software as well as estimating software. Common math skills will be taught in training such as square foot calculations, linear foot calculations, etc. you will be asked to perform the tasks below daily or weekly: Clock in / Clock out Pre-Job truck prep Assist on water or mold remediation based on assigned job Clean equipment Keep a clean truck Any other tasks assigned by the Operations Manager Approve weekly timecards Keep uniform clean Ensure all job paperwork is completed on time Any other tasks...