Sauls Seismic

National corporation with approximately 50 employees nationwide. Specialize in Pre-Construction Inspection of properties near construction/blasting operations, and providing remote, instantaneous monitoring of ground vibrations/air overpressure from blasting operations, and 24/7 environmental monitoring including rain gauge/weather stations, surface and groundwater flow and levels, dust monitoring, etc.

Company vehicle, cell phone, laptop and other equipment provided. Includes Health insurance assistance, 401K (matching), flexible schedules, work from home. Considerable driving involved with rare overnight stays, hotel and per diem reimbursement provided.

Starting pay is $20/hour, negotiable based on experience, time and a half for any work over 40 hours per week. Annual bonuses and salary increases based on performance and cost of living. Excellent low stress career opportunity with a quickly growing company, all job training provided.