I Heart Mac And Cheese

  • Scottsdale, AZ, USA
About Us:

I Heart Mac & Cheese is a fast-casual concept restaurant focused on great quality

food and guest satisfaction. In this fast pace atmosphere; teamwork is essential in production

and over-all operations of the restaurant. This award-winning concept provides guests with

enhanced comfort food favorites in a family-oriented atmosphere. Here in Scottsdale, we are

family owned and operated franchise. 



An IHMAC employee will provide each guest with excellent customer

service and an attention to detail. A strong knowledge of the menu will be essential in day to

day functions of the restaurant. The ability to walk the guest throughout the ordering process

and the ability to upsell add on items will be a primary focus. Each employee will be able to

perform all positions of the restaurant including, but not limited to, cashier, expo, line building,

dishwasher, and preparation of food items.

• As an IHMAC employee there are a variety of positions and it will be at the responsibility

of the employee to perform each role assigned.

• Attention to detail and cleanliness of the restaurant will be essential in daily operation.

• Engage with customers to go above beyond to ensure each guest leaves happy and

excited to return.

Principal Role and Responsibilities: IHMAC employee will follow each responsibility in

correlation with the role assigned.

• Enthusiastic and friendly customer service delivered to all guests.

• Menu knowledge of all signature items.

• Ensuring all orders are correct before being delivered to guests.

• Handling all payment transactions and ensure orders are rang currently into the point of

sale system.

• Preparation of all food items needed for the line.

• Washing dishes and wiping tables after each guest have finished




To apply, please send resume and information to kim@amicuccifoodventures.com