North GA Gutters & Roofing

My name is Christi, I am a partner in the company along with my husband, Gerardo, and my brother Chris.  My brother started the business 12 years ago in 2010 after serving 4 years in the Navy.  He started the business doing only gutters and quickly moved into roofing as well.  Gerardo and I, were in the corporate world for a large part of our careers but after seeing my brother doing what he loves every day and having the opportunity to help homeowners changed our perspectives on what "work" should feel like.  Having said that, we partnered with my brother and it was the best decision we could have made.  We are family and veteran owned and operated.  We thoroughly enjoy what we do and we take pride in our work.  Now we're looking to scale our company and hire more sales representatives and would love to add more veterans to our family.