blue kangaroo packoutz

Company Overview:

Blue Kangaroo PACKOUTZ- East Valley is the trusted name for comprehensive contents, furniture, art, and document restoration services. We offer solutions to help homeowners, property owners, businesses, and institutions restore what they value most. Blue Kangaroo PACKOUTZ provides a variety of contents restoration services that are designed to save you time, money, and headaches. When it comes to restoring what you value most, Blue Kangaroo PACKOUTZ is there to go the extra mile for you. Thinking outside the box starts with caring about what is inside the box.

What We Do

Blue Kangaroo PACKOUTZ- East Valley is a comprehensive contents cleaning and restoration company. We’re focused on utilizing industry best practices for the handling of personal and business assets. Our work is so important because we’re restoring what people value most. Clients seek out Blue Kangaroo PACKOUTZ after fire, water, mold, or other damage—it’s a very sensitive situation they’re facing, so we work hard to make the restoration process seamless and stress-free.

Who We Hire

We look for individuals with skills such as truck driving, warehousing, sewing, woodworking, crafting, cleaning, and other restoration-related activities. We also know that not everyone comes to us with these skills. That’s why we put each specialist—those with or without training—through an in-depth and comprehensive training program. Each Blue Kangaroo PACKOUTZ- East Valley member learns the entire contents restoration process while honing in on their specific cleaning or restoration skills. It’s all a part of our ongoing support and training experience.