ABC Technologies

ABC Technologies Inc. together with its affiliates (collectively, “ABC”, “ABC
Technologies” or the “Company”) is one of the world’s leading automotive
systems and components manufacturers for the global automotive 

We cover every facet of the plastics processing technologies, 
systems and components for the global automotive industry - Fluid 
Management, HVAC Distribution Systems, Flexible Products, Interior,
Exterior, and Air Induction Systems. Ranked as one of the top industrial
automotive blow molders and injection-molders in North America, our 
manufacturing processes include not only Blow and Injection Molding, 
but Thermoforming, Sheet Extrusion, Interior/Exterior Painting and
Material Compounding. We provide comprehensive support services, from
advanced research and development to overall project management.
Our distinction is our vertical integration. We produce products from
concept to production for a constantly growing number of unique 
automotive components and systems. The research and development,
materials, design, testing, tooling, machines, processing technologies, 
and secondary assembly systems are all supplied and controlled within 
our own company. To our customers this means faster development,
increased design flexibility, improved efficiencies in manufacturing and
assembly, significant cost savings, enhanced quality and performance.