At KBR, we partner with government and industry clients to provide purposeful and comprehensive solutions with an emphasis on efficiency and safety. With a full portfolio of services, proprietary technologies and expertise, our employees are ready to handle projects and missions from planning and design to sustainability and maintenance. Whether at the bottom of the ocean or in outer space, our clients trust us to deliver the impossible on a daily basis.

Simply put, at KBR, we do things that matter.

Every day, our people work together to deliver solutions that are helping solve the great challenges and opportunities of our time, including climate change, national security, energy transition and security, cybersecurity, space exploration, and more.

The KBR team of teams delivers future-forward science, technology and engineering solutions and mission-critical services that help governments and companies around the world accomplish their most important objectives, while also helping achieve their sustainability goals.

We deliver through two primary businesses — Government Solutions and Sustainable Technology Solutions.