Preflight Airport Parking

Our History

PreFlight Airport Parking is one of the largest near airport parking providers in the U.S. with 5 locations at 5 of the largest airports in the United States. PreFlight Airport Parking provides expedited transportation to and from our garage and airport terminals. PreFlight is the smart alternative to airport parking. PreFlight Airport Parking is a 100% owned subsidiary of InterPark.

Compelling Stats

  • PreFlight owns and owns parking stalls across 5 locations near 5 of the largest airports in the country.
  • PreFlight has a fleet of over 100 vehicles that enable us to have shuttles leave every single one of our locations every 4-8 minutes to take customers to the airports we serve.
  • PreFlight employs over 400 staff members across its 5 locations.
  • PreFlight utilizes some of the latest technology to ensure our customers have the most convenient and efficient experience when parking with us.

Going Green

PreFlight operates low emissions vehicles in every market we are in. We have over 40 low emissions vehicles in our fleet. PreFlight uses compressed natural gas vehicles, propane vehicles, and 100% electric vehicles in our fleet. Every one of PreFlight’s locations has electric vehicle charging available. We have over 100 electric charging stations installed at our facilities. We have water recycling programs in place that enable us to recycle rain water to wash our shuttles at certain locations. PreFlight has installed LED lighting throughout our portfolio in order to reduce the amount of electricity we consume.