TriEst Ag Group

TriEst is the leading distributor and applicator of soil fumigation products in the Eastern United States. As an industry frontrunner with more than 50 years experience, TriEst Ag Group, Inc. brings expertise, innovation and uncompromising service to the soil fumigation and Ag Animal business.

Provide the highest quality of service, combined with the utmost safety in the precise application of soil fumigants and Ag Animal disinfection. We keep fields healthy, grass green, animals healthy and food plentiful. Healthy Fields. Healthy Yields

In 2010 we were pleased to announce TriEst Ag Group, Inc., a consolidation of Hendrix and Dail Inc., Hi-Yield Products and Reddick Fumigants, LLC. Each were leading providers of complete soil fumigation service and application located in the South Eastern portion of the United States. This merger set the stage to position TriEst as one of the leading providers of fumigation and disinfection services in the U.S. as well as internationally. The combination of Hendrix and Dail's application process, combined with Reddick Fumigants' equipment innovations, and Hy-Yield's impeccable safety history, our customers are provided with an unsurpassed quality experience from start to finish. This partnership has resulted in superior efficacy, expertise, and capabilities in the application of soil fumigants. These range from turf, ornamental, golf, and agricultural industries.