Coherent, Inc.

With superior reliability and performance as its founding principal, Coherent offers a unique and distinct laser product portfolio that touches many different markets and industries, giving its commercial and scientific customers a decided advantage as they seek breakthroughs in the development of cutting-edge applications.

Since its beginnings in 1966, Coherent has been designing, manufacturing and marketing laser sources, laser tools, and laser systems to users in both the commercial/industrial space as well as those within the scientific research market.

Within the commercial/industrial arena, we continue to facilitate the rapid adoption of photonics tools. Enabling our customers to evolve from one or more discrete technologies to fully integrated solutions reinforces our commitment to drive innovation and selection through a broader spectrum of technologies and capabilities.

Coherent has always placed tremendous importance on meeting the needs of the scientific laser community. Helping customers remain at the forefront of scientific research is the cornerstone of our strategy in the scientific market. We continue to strengthen this strategy, pooling key resources that allows for faster product development.