First Due Movers

In 2009, a group of firemen sat in the apparatus bay of Station 81. The discussion revolved around the lack of professionalism and apathetical culture in the moving industry. It was decided that a moving company based on the work ethic, pride, and trust that are the backbone of the Fire Service would be not only welcome but highly successful in an industry starved for standards. Our first “office” was a 10’x10’ storage unit and our first truck was rented. We set high expectations for ourselves and held our employees to the same rigorous standards. We have a real office and a few of our own trucks these days, but we haven’t lost the passion or dedication to the quality of service that got us here.

“Firefighter Owned and Operated” is more than a motto. It is a guarantee that the Fire Service traditions of attention to detail, professionalism, and “Firemanship” will be instilled into and delivered by all members of the organization, whether or not they are members of a Fire Department. Our clients come almost exclusively from word-of-mouth and personal referrals. These referrals continue every day as a result of our uncompromising standards for training and service. 

We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings. Electronic tablets have replaced pens and notepads. Helping a family to San Francisco is now as easy as helping a family to Sammamish. What hasn’t changed is the emphasis we put on attention to detail and our commitment to make your move easy. Stress-free. Maybe even fun. From an idea in a fire station to a 7 day a week operation, FDM’s core values are revolutionizing the way people think about moving.