Clear Connection

Clear Connection specializes in fiber optic engineering, design and installation. In the past ten years, Clear construction crews have placed, repaired & replaced fiber optic systems throughout California, Nevada & Arizona. From server room to any distant point, Clear Connection will provide a pathway utilizing EMT, core drills, building attachments, masts, aerial utility line construction, directional drilling and all forms of trenching/excavating. Clear crews have built numerous crossings (both aerially and underground) of freeways, state highways, major waterways, railways and environmentally sensitive areas. To date, Clear personnel have provided fiber optic lines to over a thousand schools and universities, government buildings, military installations, power companies, cell towers, banks, high-rises, apartments and a cornucopia of small, medium and large businesses. Additionally, Clear has engineered, secured permits and constructed hundreds of miles of fiber optic facilities for city-wide redundant fiber rings and long distance fiber interconnects.