We live in a fast paced world where new technology is always just around the corner. Most people are old enough to remember life before the internet, and smartphones have only become popular within the last 10 years.

What most people don’t often see is the infrastructure, innovation, and hard work that makes these new technologies possible. For years Tricom Networks has built and supported many new communication technology applications. Because each advancement comes with a new set of obstacles, only a company with a long history of selling, installing and providing a wide range of engineering solutions is equipped to meet these challenges head on.

Whether its laying countless miles of fiber cable, or installing cell towers, Tricom Networks provides a range of Communication infrastructure options for businesses and consumers.

Our extensive history in the industry and partnerships with companies like AT&T and Comcast could not have been possible without our steadfast commitment to safety. We believe that a safe working environment and strict adherence to all regulations results in a motivated team of professionals who will work hard to make every project a complete success.