Premier NHD

Premier NHD is the leading provider of Natural Hazard Disclosures in the real estate industry. At Premier NHD, we produce NHD, Tax and Environmental disclosures in a snap! We comply with California Civil Code Section 1103, which states that real estate brokers are required to disclose if a sold property lies within one or more state or locally mapped areas. 

We provide many outstanding features, separating us from other NHD providers, including

 Real-Time Maps: Discover whether your property lies within a state or locally mapped hazard, in real-time!

 Address Book: Contact information entered for escrow officers, real estate agents, and transaction coordinators are saved securely in our portal!

 Detailed Tax Report: Included in our tax report is data for Mello-Roos and the Improvement Bond Act of 1915 among other disclosures. Our supplemental tax calculator is embedded in our tax report, so can easily estimate taxes due on a property!

 Property Profile: Property identification details are included in our portal, including tax, owner, location, and sale information!

 Cancellation Policy: No charge for cancellation! You do not have to pay if you don’t close!

 Electronic Signature: Buyers, Sellers and Agents have the ability to electronically sign NHD documents!

 Dedicated Service Center: We have a dedicated service center to respond to your questions during company hours! (9:00 A.M. – 5:30 P.M. Monday-Friday)