Administrative Support Assistant (Fire and Aviation Incident Business)

  • US Department of Agriculture US Forest Service
  • Harrisburg, PA, USA
  • Jan 29, 2019
Full time Government

Job Description

Recruitment under Veteran Recruitment Appointment Authority (this position will not be flown on USAJOBS)






Title, Series, and Grade: Fire and Aviation Administrative Support Assistant, Job Series 0303, GS – 05/06/07

Salary: $34,250 (GS-5 Step 1) -$42,433 (GS-7 Step 1)

Position:   One (1)

Tour of Duty: Full-Time, Permanent


Duty Station: Mid Atlantic Coordination Center,

                        1312 Elmerton Ave

                        Harrisburg, PA 17110


The Wayne National Forest is recruiting for a GS-0303-05/06/07 Fire and Aviation Administrative Support Assistant for the in development Mid Atlantic Coordination Center located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Mid Atlantic Coordination Center geographical service boundary is the Mid Atlantic Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact (MAIFFPC) states that are located within Forest Service Region 9. The Mid Atlantic Coordination Center will provide the full suite of dispatch and coordination services for the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Wayne National Forests; MAIFFPC states that are partner to the coordination center will utilize the coordination center for resource mobilization including, but not limited to, compact to compact resource movements, coordinate Administratively Determined employee hiring, and expanded dispatch operations for extended attack incidents when requested; Department of Interior agencies that are a partner to the coordination center will utilize the coordination center for resource mobilization, and expanded dispatch on extended attack incidents.

This position will be supervised by the Mid Atlantic Coordination Center Manager.



We are looking for an individual who:

  • Has strong interpersonal skills
  • Has strong administrative skills, positive attitude and good work ethic
  • Has strong organizational skills
  • Is a team player who enjoys working with others to accomplish a common goal
  • Is a self-starter who can accomplish work with minimal oversight
  • Has the ability to cope well with changing direction, multiple priorities, and a fast-paced work environment

  • Has the ability to work well with a diverse group of people


The Position

This position is categorized as an Administrative Support Assistant serving under a Forest Service Fire and Aviation Unit. Standard Forest Service Position Descriptions are GS-7 FS5490, GS-6 FS3843, and GS-5 FS4043. Target grade is GS-7.


Major Duties of the Position:


This position is located in Mid Atlantic Coordination Center, located at Pennsylvania Emergency Management Central Office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The primary responsibilities of the position is to coordinate administratively determined (AD) firefighter hiring program for the center, property and procurement management and health screening questionnaire coordination. Researches and obtains information for required actions using automated databases, historical files and reviews current policy on related topics. Serves as a point of contact for incident business matters by maintaining close working relationships with Regional Incident Business Specialist and the Incident Finance Branch of the Albuquerque Service Center.


Developmental and Job Opportunities


The position will have the opportunity to train as a dispatcher used for all-hazard and wild land fire events. Including assignments in other geographic areas.


Veteran Recruitment Appointment (VRA) Information


The VRA is a special authority by which agencies can appoint an eligible veteran without competition. The VRA is an excepted appointment to a position that is otherwise in the competitive service. After two years of satisfactory service, the veteran is converted to a career-conditional appointment in the competitive service.

Eligibility requirements changed considerably under the Jobs for Veterans Act, Public Law 107-288, which amended title 38 U.S.C. 4214. The new eligibility requirements limited access to this program to veterans who served during a war, or in a campaign, and to recently separated veterans as noted below:

  • Disabled veterans; or
  • Veterans who served on active duty in the armed forces during a war, or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized; or
  • Veterans who, while serving on active duty in the armed forces, participated in a United States military operation for which an Armed Forces Service Medal was awarded; or
  • Recently separated veterans.

There has been some confusion on what is considered to be “recently separated.” Agencies are limiting VRA to those within three years of discharge in some cases. Veterans claiming eligibility on the basis of service in a campaign or expedition for which a medal was awarded must be in receipt of the campaign badge or medal. In addition to meeting the criteria above, eligible veterans must have been separated under honorable conditions (i.e., the individual must have received either an honorable or general discharge).





Position Contact – Further Information:


For further information and to have your application considered please contact Ryan Sundberg at or 740-753-0918.




About the Middle Atlantic Fire Compact


The Middle-Atlantic Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact (MAIFFPC) is authorized by public law and is comprised of seven states and associate partners from the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service and Fish and Wildlife Service. The seven states are Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Though Virginia is not one of the 20 states in the U.S. Forest Service's Eastern Region #9, it is a member of the compact.

The primary goals of the compact as listed in its charter are: assist in fire suppression between the states, work together in developing fire prevention programs, and combine resources to promote quality fire suppression training. The compact board meets at least two times each year to set priorities and to plan for the coming years. Funding for the compact comes from a grant from the U.S. Forest Service's State and Private Forestry Program. The compact uses the money to plan training sessions, cover costs of fire prevention material, and employ one person to administer the grants.

The purpose of the Compact is to promote effective fire prevention and the control of wildfires in the Mid-Atlantic region. Collectively, the states are responsible for protecting more than 35,000,000 acres of woodland. The Compact coordinates the development and integration of forest fire plans, maintenance of adequate fire- fighting services by the member states and provides mutual aid in forest fire fighting.