• 1720 North Elston Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
  • Jul 07, 2021
Full time Manufacturing

Job Description

Essential Tools/Technologies:

Blast furnace (3 years experience)
Electric induction furnace (3 years experience)
Five (5) years minimum work experience
Three (3) years work experience in heavy industrial/manufacturing setting

Essential Talents:

Draw smelted metal samples from furnaces or kettles for analysis, and calculate types and amounts of materials needed to ensure that materials meet specifications.
Drain, transfer, or remove molten metal from furnaces, and place it into molds, using hoists, pumps, or ladles.
Prepare material to load into furnaces, including cleaning, crushing, or applying chemicals, by using crushing machines, shovels, rakes, or sprayers

Salary - $15+/hour - Entry Level

Salary - $17+/hour - Experienced Operator