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Sep 29, 2022
Full time
Toyala.com 17401 Broadway Street, Lockport, IL, USA
The Process Specialist is responsible for monitoring (laboratory testing) and controlling various production processes in order to provide quality and efficient production.  Primary focus is on the daily production needs but participation in longer term continuous improvement projects is also expected. This position is part of a multi-person team that covers production needs on a 24-hour basis.  Some of this work may also be allocated to straight day shift depending on specific needs.  The position reports to the PQC supervisor. Essential Functions  Maintain and issue current paste formulations to production team. Adjust paste formulations as needed within established processing limits. Testing of in-process paste and powder production samples. Determination and instruction of process adjustment based on test results to production team. Creating lab formulations when needed to mimic process adjustments. Routine communication with shop-floor pertaining to...

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